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Absolutely Decadent Chocolate Mousse

Absolutely Decadent  Chocolate Mousse
This mousse is so good that it is far too tempting to make more servings than you need. Fortunately, it's no problem to whip it up as you need it.

Feel free to modify quantities to your taste.

Combine 1/4 cup of heavy cream
1 tsp Ghiradelli cocoa *
2-3 tsp NOW Foods Xylitol Sweetener*
1 TBS Wise CHOice Mousse Mix *
1/2 tsp Singing Dog vanilla.

Stir cocoa, xylitol and vanilla extract into heavy cream. Blend until smooth. Whip heavy cream until doubled in volumn but still soft. Add 1 TBS Wise CHOice Mousse Mix (or Frozen Dessert Mix), whip for a few seconds to thicken and fluff--but watch carefully or you could make butter. Transfer to serving dishes.

Per serving: If the mousse is too stiff (for example, if you wish to pipe it into serving dishes), stir in a little additional cream, but don't whip it.

Serve immediately--or refrigerate, covered, to prevent picking up "refrigerator taste."

Nutrition* (calculated by Mastercook): 240 calories; 22.2g fat; 7.0g carb (of which 4.6g is fiber); 3.6g protein--also provides 17% of Vit A and 9% of calcium Daily Values *based on no-calorie sweetener