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Allegro Fine Foods Marinade 12.7 oz

Allegro Fine Foods Marinade 12.7 oz
Allegro Fine Foods Marinade 12.7 oz
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Allegro Fine Foods Marinade 12.7 oz
Fat free Less than 2g sugar All natural Gluten free Kosher Allegro is a true marinade in that it not only adds flavor but also tenderizes any cut of meat or vegetable.

Hickory Smoke - Roasting or smoking over hickory wood chips gives meat the best taste that cooking out has to offer. Have it anytime with Allegro Hickory Smoke Marinade. The flavor and tenderizing properties of this marinade make it one of the most popular flavors.

Original - What began as a steak marinade has been a favorite for decades because it enhances the taste of virtually any dish. It tenderizes meats and gives them a unique, delectable flavor. You can even use it to prepare vegetables or soup stock. Delicious taste-endless possibilities.

Teriyaki - This blend of soy, oriental spices, and savory Polynesian flavor is wonderful on chicken, pork, and stir-fry veggies. It's a sweet, sour, spicy marinade that doesn't take long to make a big difference in your meal.