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The Atkins Primary Principle for Weight Loss

The Atkins Primary Principle for Weight Loss         


Both carbohydrate and fat provide fuel for the body's energy needs. Carbohydrate is the first fuel to be metabolized. However, when the intake of digestible carbohydrates is sufficiently restricted (without caloric restriction), the body converts from the primary metabolic pathway of burning carbohydrate to burning fat as its main energy source. This results in weight loss.

Scientific Documentation:

When sufficient glucose from CHO is not available for energy, ketones derived from fat are used as energy.

When you burn CHO for energy you store the excess CHO as fat, however when you burn fat for energy fat is less likely to be stored.

You can consume more calories and lose more weight on a low carbohydrate diet than on a low fat diet.

Appetite and cravings are reduced at low levels of carbohydrate consumption.

Controlling carbohydrate consumption has been shown to restrict caloric intake.

As the ratio of fat to carbohydrate increases, the greater the weight loss. Initial fluid loss is the result of 3 parts water being excreted to every one part CHO being replaced with fat. Additional wt loss results from fat-burning.

Body composition studies show that low-carb diets induce body fat loss, not lean body mass loss.


Excessive consumption of protein can promote the production of blood glucose slowing weight loss.

Consuming excess calories can impair achievable weight loss or maintenance, therefore eat only enough to satisfy hunger.

Our thanks to the Atkins Center for the information contained on these pages. These articles give you a basic overview of the Atkins Approach for Weight Loss and Good Health, but they are not a substitute for reading the books for the details of this plan (or the book for whatever low carb plan you choose to follow.)