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Breakfast Foods

We have a variety of low carb breakfast foods that will fit seamlessly into your low carb lifestyle. Try our low carb pancake mixes and low carb waffle mixes to surprise your family with a healthy breakfast that is enjoyable and still keeps you on track to your weight loss goal. Our low carb syrups and sugar free syrups will compliment these delicious breakfasts perfectly and come in many different flavors so you will never having a boring meal. Check out our low carb honey and sugar free honey! Both of these will make any cup of hot tea or piece of toast yummy. Choose our low carb cereal and sugar free cereal for a great alternative to average sugary starchy cereals. Our cereals come in hot and cold so you can be sure to always have an appetizing breakfast either way.Try our different kinds of low carb muffin mixes for a delectable and nutritious treat every morning. We have lots of flavors ranging from Orange Cranberry to Blueberry Cream to Banana Nut and Chocolate Orange Ginger! All with your low carb diet and your stomach in mind. Grab a Dukan Diet Oat Bran Bar for a fiber rich breakfast on the go!