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Butter Cream Filling/Frosting

Butter Cream Filling/Frosting
For each cup of frosting or filling:
Whip 2/3 cup of heavy cream until doubled in volume. Add flavorings (vanilla, cocoa, or whatever you choose)and sweetener to taste (it doesn't need sugar for texture, so you may be surprised how little you need for flavor), and 3-5 Tbs Wise CHOice Mousse Mix *. Whip to mix and to lose some volume (frosting should be more dense than mousse).

NOTE: I like to use this frosting as a filling between two layers of cake (easiest way: bake one layer and cut through with dental floss to split it into two smooth layers), leaving the top and sides unfrosted. It may be less glamorous but it's easier to wrap for the refrigerator. It's also much easier to transport a filled but not frosted cake without damage. I refrigerate all my sugar-free baked goods, since they don't have the sugar to act as a preservative.

Nutrition* (calculated by Mastercook per tablespoon of frosting made according to recipe above with 5 Tbs Wise CHOice Mousse Mix ): 42 calories; 3.7g fat (including 2.3g sat); 1.6g carb (of which 1.3g is fiber); 0.8g protein -- also provides 3% of vitamin A and 2% of calcium Daily Values.

Nutrition* (calculated by Mastercook per cup of frosting made as above with 5 Tbs Wise CHOice Mousse Mix ): 670 calories; 58.7g fat (including 36.6g sat); 25.6g carb (of which 20.3g is fiber); 12.8g protein -- also provides 47% of vitamin A and 34% of calcium Daily Values.