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Carb Block - Doctor's Diet (120 Tablets)

Carb Block - Doctor's Diet (120 Tablets)
Carb Block - Doctor's Diet (120 Tablets)
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Now you can enjoy your favorite carb foods and snacks without the worry. Every two tablets of Doctor’s Diet Carb Block will help prevent up to 38 grams of sugars and carbs from being absorbed by your body. Carb Block contains the unique ingredient, Phaseolin EX™. Phaseolin EX™, a highly purified extract of the white kidney bean is rich in phaseolamin. Phaseolin EX™ inhibits alpha-amylase, the enzyme responsible for carb digestion. By blocking this enzyme, the carbs you eat won’t be absorbed. Carb Block also provides a second, equally important benefit. Gymnemalin™, a powerful extract of Gymnema sylvestre, is a hypoglycemic agent. When combined with our patented chromium formula, alpha lipoic acid and vanadium, Gymnemalin™ will maximize your body’s insulin function and sensitivity. In so doing, your body won’t experience sharp increases in insulin levels following a carbohydrate-rich meal.