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ChocoPerfection Chocolate Bars (30 mini-bars)

ChocoPerfection Chocolate Bars (30 mini-bars)
ChocoPerfection Chocolate Bars (30 mini-bars)
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Sinful chocolate... without the sin.

Take the finest, gourmet European chocolate and sweeten it with sugar-free natural plant fiber that tastes exactly like sugar, and you get ChocoPerfection. Even better, these silky-smooth, delicious chocolate bars, with less than 2g Net Carbs actually help with weight loss (when included in a low-carb eating program), due to 14g of prebiotic FOS, candida-cleansing, fiber in every bar. Made from 55% to 63% cocoa solids. No maltitol. Gluten free. No trans fats.

And with a zero ranking on the glycemic index, you've got all the makings of what very well could be the most perfect low carb chocolate bar ever. ChocoPerfection is naturally sweetened from plant fibers. These natural sweeteners are sugar free and have a glycemic index of zero. The main sweetener in ChocoPerfection is derived from the chicory plant and is named oligofructose. Oligofructose is classified as a "prebiotic fiber" meaning that it takes root in the digestive tract to support the growth of beneficial probiotic flora. Ultimately, oligofructose will rid your digestive tract of harmful bacteria, promote the excretion of toxins, stop sugar cravings and strengthen your immune system.* The second sweetener in ChocoPerfection is erythritol, which is also derived from plants. Erythritol is similar to xylitol in that it has a glycemic index of zero, but it has fewer calories and is considered beneficial for healthy teeth.