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Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Flour

Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Flour
Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Flour
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Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Flour
This raw coconut flour is made in small batches from unheated coconut meat and dried using proprietary tumbler-dry method. Coconut flour is gluten-free, very low carb, actually lowers the calorie content of food, contains 40% dietary fiber, promotes lipid oxidation (helps burn fat), aids in digestive health, and helps balance blood sugar levels.

# 40% Dietary fiber
# Certified 100% organic
# Gluten-free
# Raw - from unheated coconut
# Unbleached
# Unrefined
# Low calories
# Low carbs
# Low fat
# Aids in digestive health
# Helps balance blood sugar
# Vegan

Use for baking, to thicken gravy, or as a supplement to super-boost fiber content in smoothies and any recipe! Coconut flour readily absorbs moisture, so it's suggested that you blend with other flours at a ratio of 1/4 cup coconut flour to 3/4 cups alternate flour. A second popular option for those wishing to use 100% coconut flour, is the addition of eggs at a ratio of 4 eggs to 1/2 cup flour. Since coconut flour is gluten-free, eggs act as a gluten substitute in any recipe. It can also be helpful to increase the liquid content in coconut flour recipes by adding an extra 1-to-1 ratio of liquid per equal amount of flour.

Coconut Secret - Coconut Flour 1 lb