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Designer Whey Protein

Designer Whey Protein
Designer Whey Protein
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• 5 Time Gold Medal Taste Winner
• Research proven protein that works™
• 100 Good-For-You Calories
• Better body fat loss with exercise*
• Better increase in lean muscle*
• Better energy and strength*

Designer Whey Protein is the original protein (since 1993) that works to boost energy, increase strength, speed recovery, and better your results. 18g of protein helps burn fat and build lean, strong muscles during exercise. 100 Good-For-You Calories™ make counting calories easy and weight management a piece of cake.

Designer Whey Protein is clinically tested and research proven protein that works, so you can get better results from the inside out. The facts are, with an amino acid profile most identical to human muscle, rapidly digested Designer Whey shows a better increase in lean muscle, better fat loss and better strength for a better body.

Q. You say Designer Whey™ is clinically tested, how so?

Whey is a by-product of cheesemaking that contains vitamins, minerals, protein, lactose and traces of milk fat. Most commercial whey supplements are derived from cow’s milk, which is comprised of 6.25% protein: 20% in the form of whey. Whey protein supplements utilize the concentrated protein, eliminating the lactose and milk fat.

Whey is a complete protein, meaning it contains all essential and non-essential amino acids, which are vital to your metabolism, and to making your body function properly for good health.

Q. Is milk the same as whey?

No, while both are natural dairy products, milk contains approximately 6.25% protein that is comprised of 80% casein protein and 20% whey protein. In addition, milk contains lactose and fat (removed in skim or fat-free milk). Whey protein is extracted from milk, eliminating most of the casein, lactose and fat.

Q. Why do I need protein?

Proteins are the basic building blocks of life. Protein, and only protein, provides your body with the amino acids it needs to build, repair and rebuild muscles. Protein also provides the necessary components to keep your immune system healthy, make hormones, enzymes, skin, hair, nails, organs and blood. (Note the word protein comes from the Greek word "proteios" meaning of prime or of first importance.)

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 SCOOP
Servings Per Container 40

* Serving Size 1 Scoop (about 26g)
* Servings Per Container about 34
* Calories 100
* Calories From Fat 20
* Total Fat 2g
* Saturated Fat 1g
* Trans Fat 0g
* Cholesterol 60mg
* Sodium 80mg
* Potassium 170mg
* Total Carbohydrates 3g
* Dietary Fiber 0.5g
* Sugars 2g
* Protein 18g


Other Ingredients: Cocoa (treated with alkali), lecithin, natural and artificial chocolate flavor, natural and artificial flavor, oligofructose, salt, cellulose gum, dried cream extract, xanthan gum, sodium alginate, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, vanillin, natural vitamin E (as mixed tocopherols). CONTAINS MILK AND SOY PRODUCTS.