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Dixie Diner Soy Beanits 10 oz

Dixie Diner Soy Beanits 10 oz
Dixie Diner Soy Beanits 10 oz
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Dixie Diner Soy Beanits 10 oz
We really believe (based on the taste tests we did) that virtually anyone who likes peanuts or just snacks on nuts will want these! They have a taste similar to peanuts - "nutty," clean, crisp and tasty, with absolutely no bad after taste. While they are not fat free, they are much lower in fat than any kind of nut (30% lower) and are made from soybeans and a little soybean oil. In short, try 'em - you'll like 'em. They are great to sprinkle on salads or in soups. If you or someone you care about likes to sit in front of the TV and palm nuts, give 'em a shot! We think they'll love 'em.

Soy Beanits deserve a place in your pantry. For each 1 oz. serving you get a whopping 10 grams of soy protein and 5 grams of fiber. No sugar and no cholesterol. What a great way to snack your way to health!

All flavors are gluten free except Ranch. All flavors are all-natural except for Jalapeno Cheddar.