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Dukan Diet Natural Slimming Tea 30 tea bags

Dukan Diet Natural Slimming Tea 30 tea bags
Dukan Diet Natural Slimming Tea 30 tea bags
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Dukan Diet Natural Slimming Tea 30 tea bags
Try Dukan Diet Natural Slimming Tea - for a slimmer you

Tastes great (herbal flavors) - use it hot or cold All natural, no additives, caffeine free tea Effective in cleansing your intestinal flora, it will help you lose weight and reach your true weight faster or help maintain it

Health and weight loss benefits of drinking Natural Slimming Tea*

Detoxifies Restores natural balance and harmony Supports a healthy body

Begin by drinking only small amounts of tea and gradually increase the amount according to your needs. Dukan Diet suggests you start by pouring 2 cups of boiling water over one tea bag. You can drink a maximum of 3 cups of tea per day. You can dilute your tea with more water if desired.

You may experience more frequent bowel movements for the first couple of days after having used Dukan Diet Slimming Tea. This is simply an indication that the tea is eliminating toxins from the digestive system. Because the tea contains Senna leaves, it can cause laxative effects. They recommend that you use it after your evening meal or in the late afternoon. Please be sure to read and follow directions carefully.