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Dukan Diet Spinach Fettuccine Shirataki Noodles 7 oz

Dukan Diet Spinach Fettuccine Shirataki Noodles 7 oz
Dukan Diet Spinach Fettuccine Shirataki Noodles 7 oz
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Dukan Diet Spinach Fettuccine Shirataki Noodles 7 oz
Tastes great, and can be combined with many sauces Effective food to compliment a diet (makes you full) Shirataki noodles have excellent health benefits For the whole family, and are affordable for every budget

Shirataki noodles are thin, low carb translucent traditional Japanese noodles. They are also sometimes called yam noodles. They are mostly composed of a dietary fiber called glucomannan and contain very few calories and carbohydrates (sometimes even zero).

They do not have much flavor by themselves, but will absorb any sauce or spice that you combine with them. Shirataki noodles are made from yam flour, which comes from the roots of the yam-like Konjac plant grown in Japan and China.

The soluble fiber found in Shirataki Noodles slows digestion and prolongs the sensation of fullness and is an essential part of any weight loss program. Replacing one meal per day with Shirataki Noodles will significantly raise your needed fiber intake and dramatically lower your total calorie intake.

Shirataki Noodles may help cholesterol levels. Soluble fiber helps lower total cholesterol by lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL or bad cholesterol level). It binds to bile acids that contain cholesterol that is secreted from the gall bladder and helps to quickly eliminate them from our system. Studies also show that a fiber-rich diet can reduce blood pressure and inflammation, which can also protect the heart.

Shirataki Noodles may help Type II Diabetes by slowing the digestive process--there is a slower absorption of glucose which then requires a slower release of insulin from the pancreas which aids in the normalization of blood glucose after eating a meal.