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Greens Plus High Protein Whey Krisp Bars (12)

Greens Plus High Protein Whey Krisp Bars (12)
Greens Plus High Protein Whey Krisp Bars (12)
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The Greens+ High Protein Whey Krisp combines organic Superfoods, 100% whey protein, Omega3 Chia seed and a little agave nectar to produce the perfect cold-processed, protein-rich green food snack. The perfect post-exercise or on-the-go superfood snack. 16g of protein with less than 11g sugar and 9g fat. Made with whey isolate and concentrate, organic peanut butter and Omega 3 Chia seed.

Perfect for athletes seeking an edge, busy students, travelers, children of all ages and anyone in need of optimum energy and peak performance. Eat one Whey Krisp as a healthy snack between meals, or two for a complete meal replacement. For best results, follow with 8oz of pure water.

The Greens+ High Protein Whey Krisp contains no processed sugar, corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, synthetic sweeteners, preservatives, or genetically-modified foods of any kind.

The Whey Krisp bar is gluten-free. The reason it states wheat in the allergy information is because of the wheat grass. The manufacturer harvests the wheat grass while it's young so the gluten has not had a chance to form. Each batch of bars goes through a rigorous testing process to make sure there is no cross contamination with gluten.