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                Our Journey (and how it led us here...)
Elaine & Lynn

Our history as business partners goes back some 40 years, when we became sisters by chance but grew to be the best of friends by choice. Our Low Carb business started in early 1997 as a natural outgrowth of our personal success with Low Carb dieting and almost fanatical enthusiasm for the Low Carb way of life. When our friends and family had all been duly converted to Low Carbing, we decided to channel our energy towards the internet to find knowledge, support and products to enhance our new found lifestyle.

There we found a community of other dieters who like ourselves had found the "light" of Low Carb. Like us they were also looking for Low Carb products along with great customer service and support. We created the Low Carb Connoisseur to directly and interactively meet the product and support needs of our fellow dieters.

The Connoisseur Cafe & Market

Our "family" business has grown to include many dedicated employees, some of whom are shown here smiling and waving in front of our Anderson SC store. The friendly voice you may have heard over the phone, the prompt email response and the carefully packed order comes from these individuals who approach their job with diligence and pride. While we constantly strive for 100% perfection, we sometimes miss the mark. We thank you for your patience with us as we work to resolve every situation in a timely manner.

We hope to make you a part of our Low Carb "Family".

  Our Mission
... at the core of our business

City Mix Since its inception, the goal of the Low Carb Connoisseur has been two-fold. First, to provide the highest quality and broadest selection of products to the discriminating Low Carb Customer along with unparalleled customer service and second, to offer a forum for education, support and information within the Low Carb Community.

Our continuing commitment to the principles of the Low Carb/Sugarfree way of life has been evident since the early days of our company when in the mid 1990's we witnessed the founding members of the internet Low Carb Community create their own support network, and break away from the mainstream diet and fat free communities and newsgroups.

From our personal involvement with these groups, we began this business to focus on the unmet product needs of our fellow dieters. We have built and expanded our product line over the years as a direct result of feedback and interaction with our customers. Years before Splenda was on every Grocer's shelf, it was only available through Canadian and other foreign suppliers. We saw the overwhelming customer demand for this product, and subsequently, The Low Carb Connoisseur became the first U.S. based internet company to make Splenda available to dieter's in the United States and around the world.

Over the years, we have been proud to partner with pioneering Low Carb champions and entrepreneurs such as Barbara Pollack of Expert Foods, Inc., Donna Valentino of Psyllie Pstuff, Inc., and Lora Ruffner of Low Carb Luxury. We feel privileged to know and to have worked with these fine individuals.

Our mission here at the Low Carb Connoisseur is the same today as it was then; to listen to our customers, deal with them honestly and fairly, and provide them the best shopping experience on the internet.

            Elaine & Lynn