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La Nouba No Sugar Belgian Crisp Waffles

La Nouba No Sugar Belgian Crisp Waffles
La Nouba No Sugar Belgian Crisp Waffles
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La Nouba No Sugar Belgian Crisp Waffles
Thin Crispy Coffee Waffles - NO SUGAR – LOW CARBOHYDRATES

Real Belgian Waffles with no added sugar.

All the products have a marvelous taste. The taste is identical to the famous Belgian Waffle.

They are perfect for diabetics, low carb diets, or those who are restricting their sugar intake.

Belgian waffles are made by the original recipe. From Brussels to New York the reputation of Belgian Waffles is famous for the taste and the structure.

The products are freshly made and packed with the highest standards. All products are packed per individual piece to keep them fresh and crispy. It’s a perfect item for on the go or with a cup of coffee or tea.

Nutritional facts per serving size 9 g/ 0.32 Oz

Calorie : 42.93 Carbohydrates : total g – 5.88 non caloric non blood impacting 2.3 g (polyols) NETT CARBS 3.3 fat : 2.17 g Saturated Fat: 0.6 g proteďnes : 0.65 g Sodium 0.19 g Fiber 0.20 g Sugar Alcohol 2.3 g

Ingredients: wheat flour, sweetener: Maltitol, vegetable fats, eggs, water, corn starch, soy flower, Inulin, soy lecithin added as emulsifier, skim milk powder, salt, vanilla arome.

Crisp Coffee Waffle 6 individually wrapped packs of three waffers Net weight: 165 gt /5.8 Oz