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Low Carb Sorbet

Low Carb Sorbet
Sorbet is made from real fruit with added sugar syrup, freeze-churned together into a creamy-textured frozen dessert similar to ice cream, without the dairy. It's great if you want a fat- or dairy-free dessert, but it's quite a stretch if you are following a low carbohydrate diet, as not only must you avoid the sugar, but also limit the fruit.

However, with the help of Wise CHOice Frozen Dessert Mix*, it is possible to make a delicious sorbet without any sugar, using much less fruit. These sorbets are delicious, and the flavors shine through even better in the absence of sugar.

Prepare Wise CHOice Frozen Dessert Mix * according to package directions but reduce liquid to 3/4 cup.

After whipping, add 1/2 cup unsweetened fruit puree (or even juice, if it has a deep-enough flavor) plus 1 tsp lemon juice (optional), whip again, and freeze as directed. Makes 8-12 servings, sometimes more.

Depending on the fruit, you may need to adjust the sweetening. It's safer to err on the side of too little sweetening than too much. You can always sprinkle on a little syrup or sweetener if necessary, but too much sweetness tends to detract from the fresh flavor.

Nutrition: the carb count of the sorbets depends on both your choice of fruit and the number of servings (some types of fruit make more than others).