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NOW ADAM Multi-Vitamin for Men

NOW ADAM Multi-Vitamin for Men
NOW ADAM Multi-Vitamin for Men
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All other male multiples are now obsolete with the introduction of our new ADAM Male Multivitamin formula. Many multiples on the market today contain unnecessary levels of excipients (inactive substances used as a carrier for the active ingredients) and added ingredients. ADAM is formulated to contain the lowest levels of these unneeded additional ingredients, leaving more room for higher levels of the nutrients men need to maintain optimum health.

• Contains beta carotene from a vegetarian source, with mixed carotenoids • Inositol hexanicotinate for vitamin B-3 - the superior form nutritionists recommend • B-6 derived from P-5-P, a more bioavailable and efficient form • B-12 as methylcobalamin, the most active co-enzyme form • Includes patent-pending ZMA®, a chelated zinc supplement popular with active individuals • Saw Palmetto - important for every man over 30 • Energizing Panax Ginseng - standardized for maximum effectiveness • Powerful metabolic antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid - rarely found in other multiples • CoQ10 and Ginkgo Biloba - ideal for men of all ages - guaranteed potencies • High levels of Lycopene and Lutein, carotenoids critical for prostate and eye health • Iron-free formula offers the best value on the market for premium male multiples • Vegetarian Formula