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Our Partnership with Johns Hopkins Hospital

Our Partnership with Johns Hopkins Hospital

          Low Carb Connoisseur cares!
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Most Low Carbers know the relationship between benign dietary ketosis and weight loss, but I'm sure that far fewer of you are aware that doctors are treating a special group of children who suffer from severe childhood epilepsy with a Ketogenic Diet.

Four years ago we were contacted by The Pediatric Epileptic Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital because we sold the sugar free mayonnaise that was on the prescribed list of foods that was given to the parents of these epileptic chldren.

Duke's Mayonnaise has always been a particularly popular product with our customers, not only because it is sugar free but also due to it's excellent taste and quality. Little did we realize that sugar free mayonnaise could be of such critical importance to the diet and well being of children whose lives were being disrupted by numerous daily epileptic seizures.

Duke's Mayonnaise

These children are treated with a very high fat diet that puts them into the state of dietary ketosis. The ketosis controls their seizures and can result in a cure of the illness in as little as two years. Mayonnaise and other high fat foods are cornerstone foods of the diet.

These families were looking for sources for many of the products that were being recommended to them by the Hospital that were not available to them locally. We began an affiliation with Johns Hopkins Hospital to provide an easy way for these families to receive this mayonnaise. We currently ship free monthly allotments of mayonaise to many children and their families across the United States and Canada.

Samantha Feny

Recently, we received a thank-you card and photo from an adorable 5-year old girl named Samantha who was a part of this program. She wanted to express her gratitude for the support of Duke's Mayonnaise and for helping her overcome daily seizures.

We're proud to report that Samantha has been seizure-free for over 2 1/2 years now! Samantha and her mom sent us this photo and the shirt she was wearing when she posed for it. You can click on the photo of Samantha for a larger shot, as well as on the card and shirt to see it close-up. Thank you, Samantha. You made our day!

It is truly inspiring to us to be a part of this project and to witness first hand the power and diverse application of the Ketogenic Diet. To learn more about this amazing treatment, visit the Johns Hopkins web site.