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70% Cocoa Content (2g carbs, 1g fiber)*

Chocolove Strong Dark Chocolate -70% box of 12
Chocolove Strong Dark Chocolate -70% box of 12
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These bars contain sugar

*Each Bar Contains Fifteen approximate 1 inch squares. The carb and fiber counts are for 1 square. Please note: This is a Sugar Buster! and Suzanne Sommers Diet approved product. It may not be an acceptable part of other Low Carb Diet plans.

This is a very strong chocolate with 70% cocoa content. This rich blend of African cocoa beans has a small amount of Caribbean cocoa beans added to create a full bodied chocolate. It?s carefully roasted for complete development of cocoa flavor notes. Extra cocoa butter is added to add balance to the strength and provide a smooth mouth feel. Just enough sugar is used to soften the bitter notes. A long conching time produces a exceptionally fine particle size and a balanced flavor.

Upon eating, the cocoa butter quickly gives way to a strong cocoa flavor. The intense and rounded cocoa flavor carries through in a long lasting, but smooth, aftertaste. This is a strong cocoa flavor from start to finish.

Ingredients: Cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin, vanilla