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Sugar Twin 100ct Packets

Sugar Twin 100ct Packets
Sugar Twin 100ct Packets
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SugarTwinŽ is a delicious alternative to sugar for cooking and baking, retaining its sweetness when heated.

SugarTwinŽ Granulated White and Granulated Brown sugar substitute can be used in cooking and baking. It measures and pours, cup for cup and spoon for spoon like sugar.

# Sugar contributes to the volume in many recipes. You may find that when you use SugarTwinŽ you get a smaller denser product, and therefore the yield is also smaller.

# SugarTwinŽ works well for baking and recipes that require sweetening such as fruit crisps, sauces, custards, fruit salads and drinks.

# It is important to successfully incorporate SugarTwinŽ Granulated carefully when using in recipes. For best results, combine with dry ingredients or dissolve in liquid.

# When sifting dry ingredients for a cake, remember SugarTwinŽ does not sift like sugar so simply sift dry ingredients and then add measured SugarTwinŽ, 1 cup SugarTwinŽ = 1 cup sugar