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Sweet Perfection 1 lb

Sweet Perfection 1 lb
Sweet Perfection 1 lb
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"Finally, the perfect sugar substitute that's low in carbs, high in fiber and convenient to use in all of your favorite exactly the same amount as real sugar."

SweetPerfection is a revolutionary all-natural sweetener that's made from ingredients which are actually healthy and good for you. SweetPerfection is made from oligofructose, which is chicory root ground to a very fine soluble fiber that looks and tastes exactly like sugar. SweetPerfection has an ultra low glycemic index of approximately zero.

You can use SweetPerfection anywhere you'd use sugar. SweetPerfection will not cause insulin surges and is 100% guaranteed to taste and perform exactly like sugar. You can use SweetPerfection in all your favorite recipes for cake and cookies. SweetPerfection's naturally high fiber content will provide health benefits and ensure your continued weight loss!