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Texas Pete Hot Sauce

Texas Pete Hot Sauce
Texas Pete Hot Sauce
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World Famous combination of vinegar and peppers! Texas PeteŽ Hot Sauce is made from specially grown, select red cayenne peppers that are aged for two years. The aging process is important as it softens the skin and enhances the extraction of the natural capsicum from the pepper. The seeds and skin are removed and processed into a pure natural pulp. The pulp is placed in a vacuum tank where all impurities are removed. Then, the pure natural pepper pulp is specially blended with the rest of the ingredients under the watchful eye of quality assurance technicians.

No artificial colors or ingredients are ever used in the manufacture of Texas PeteŽ Hot Sauce.

Texas Pete Buffalo Style Chicken Wings: Combine 24-30 wing pieces. 3 Tbsp Texas Pete Hot Sauce. 2 Tbsp Butter. Spread wings in single layer on sheet pan. Bake at 450 degrees for 35 minutes or til done.