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True Lemon

True Lemon
True Lemon
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For the first time ever, fresh squeezed lemon taste is as simple as a tear of a packet or a shake of a bottle thanks to True Lemon, the original crystallized lemon substitutes, in packets and shakers.

32 Packets

True Lemon can be used anywhere you would use lemon juice and make the use of these popular fruits convenient and easy. The packets are great to take to the office, gym, traveling and when youíre on-the-go. Each serving provides:

* Consistent fresh lemon taste without any mess, waste or inconvenience;
* 100 percent all natural ingredients including fresh lemon or lime juices and oils;
* 0 calories and 0g carbohydrates;
* No artificial or natural sweeteners;
* No preservatives or sodium; and
* Offers 25 percent of an adultís daily Vitamin C requirements.

True Lemon and True Lime have been embraced by people across the country.