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VÄXA Extress: A Safe, Natural Stress Relief Formula 60 capsules

VÄXA Extress: A Safe, Natural Stress Relief Formula  60 capsules
VÄXA Extress: A Safe, Natural Stress Relief Formula 60 capsules
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With today’s lifestyles, slowing down isn’t an option, and you can’t afford to be sick. During times of stress, your body works harder than normal, requiring extra nutrients and a strong immune system. You need natural stress relief from the specific, doctor-formulated nutrition in VÄXA Extress to maintain your health (and sanity!) in this fast-paced world of ours. VÄXA Extress replenishes essential nutrients burned up by the body during times of stress. The ingredients in this multi-dimensional, natural stress relief formula have been shown to naturally help:

* Diminish emotional sensitivity and mood swings * Calm nervousness and focus attention * Relax muscles safely * Sustain the immune system * Reduce the possibility of stress-induced head pain and muscle aches

Rebuild your mind and body with our one-of-a-kind natural stress relief formula, VÄXA Extress. Over time, the natural stress relief formula in VÄXA Extress will replenish your body with the nutrients it loses while enduring constant stress and tension. Plus, ordering VÄXA Extress is especially stress-free because we offer a money-back guarantee!

Judging by the few ingredients in most commonly marketed “stress formulas,” they prove grossly inadequate in providing for the mental and physical damage caused by stress, and only end up offering short term solutions

This Scientifically Advanced Neurological natural stress relief formula is a homeopathic medicinal which has been found exceptionally effective in providing the body the natural specific dietary requirements which aid its natural processes during periods of stress, tension, anxiety, minor phobic reactions, and complaints of generalized patterns of anxious discomfort.

This natural stress relief formula contains a useful combination of amino acids, which are the precursors to a series of neurotransmitters within the brain. These nutritional materials help the body to naturally relax our muscles. Subsequently, we can avoid the somatization of emotional difficulties (those emotional problems which are wrongly shunted into physical complaints such as headache and backache, etc.). When our nutritional requirements have been appropriately addressed with a natural stress relief formula, the conscious mind is allowed to effortlessly become refocused without the bother of anxiety and stress.

It is known that when stress increases, total caloric needs increase and are usually met by the breakdown of protein into amino acids, sugars and phosphate bonds. At least 30% of the diet should be made up of amino acids when the body is under stress because stress breaks down protein at an amazing rate. This natural stress relief formula contains those amino acids known to act within the body in a regulatory capacity on overall protein metabolism and protection; these amino acids are used in larger amounts, more than any other during stress. These specific amino acids act to complement the body’s natural powers of inhibiting needless breakdown of protein material as well as inhibiting the inappropriate cannibalistic utilization of other amino acids, keeping the body’s fund of amino acids safe from being leached by needless stress. As the body stops this breakdown, the emotional effects and physiological feedback of stress and anxiety are also diminished.

Also of some secondary interest to athletes, these same amino acids used by the body to inhibit the breakdown of protein are used by the body to build up muscle tissue. When exercising, stress is encountered within the body and if sufficient free form amino acids are not available, especially those amino acids found within this natural stress relief formula, catabolic (the breaking down of cellular material) reaction will not be offset by anabolic (building up) reactions.