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Warm Weather Shipping Information

Warm Weather Shipping Information
Tips for heat sensitive and bakery products.

Please note that perishable items need to arrive in one to two days. Orders may be held to ship on Monday of the following week. From April 1 through October 15, only perishable items shipped by UPS Next Day Air or UPS 2 Day Air will be guaranteed--no exceptions! This includes all breads/bakery items, protein and snack bars chocolates, candy, marshmallows and such.

Our breads, bagels and brownies go in and out of stock often. We will ship your order as soon as all of your items are in stock. Please email us if you need to make special shipping arrangements. (Additional charges may apply.)

We're doing our best to make sure you get your heat sensitive products in good shape. The ice packs used in our warm weather pack are not designed to remain frozen for the entire time the package is in transit; however they are frozen when placed in the box and remain cool for 2-3 days in transit. However, during the extreme summer heat, nothing is foolproof!

Here are some tips for ordering heat sensitive products, i.e. chocolate, chocolate coated bars and bakery items.

* Immediately after receiving your chocolate products, put them in the refrigerator for at least 1-2 hours before opening. This will allow any chocolate that has softened during shipping to reset.
* We also recommend immediately upon receipt of your bakery products to place and store them in the freezer.
* Arrange to either receive your package personally or have it delivered to a location (such as work or a friend's house) that will prevent it from sitting outside in direct sunlight.
*Place your orders so that they do not remain in the shipping system over a week-end and if necessary, upgrade your shipping method to a transit time of no longer than 2 days.
*If you are ordering heat sensitive and non-heat sensitive products and the upgraded shipping charge is excessive, you may want to consider placing 2 orders. One order with heat sensitive products and one without. That way you only pay for the upgraded shipping on heat sensitive products.