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Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Powdered Sugar 1lb

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Powdered Sugar   1lb
Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Powdered Sugar 1lb
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Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade Certified Organic Powdered Sugar is made from 100% certified organic sugar cane, grown and produced without the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemicals. Our powdered sugar is made by simply grinding our Fair Trade Certified Organic Sugar to a fine, creamy powder (12x) and adding 3% organic cornstarch or tapioca to prevent caking.

Unlike refined white powdered sugar with its overpowering, harsh, chalky sweetness, Wholesome's Fair Trade Certified Organic Powdered Sugar retains a bit of the cane's natural molasses to give a smooth, mellow and rounded flavor. It is perfect for cookies, baking, dusting, frosting and fillings. Use as a one-for-one replacement for refined powdered sugar. When making simple water icing, the organic powdered sugar gives a rich golden honey color and mellow toffee flavor derived from the natural molasses retained in the unrefined, unbleached organic sugar.

The Fair Trade Certified logo is Wholesome's guarantee that our farmers cooperatives are paid directly for the cane grown and milled. This means that the farmers can compete with factory farms, cultivate the quality of their crops, send their kids to school and build thriving communities.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS (Typical analysis*) Serving Size: cup (30g) Servings per package: 15 Calories per serving: 120 Calories from fat: 0 Total fat (g): 0 Saturated fat (g): 0 Cholesterol (mg): 0 Sodium (mg): 0 Total carbohydrate (g): 30 Dietary fiber (g): 0 Sugars (g): 30 Proteins (g): 0 Calcium (mg): 0 Iron (mg): 0

Ingredients: Organic Evaporated Cane Juice (Paraguay) and Organic Cornstarch (Austria) or Tapioca (Brazil)

Manufactured in the US.

Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International