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Congratulations to Luci K. She has won an Autographed Copy Of Livin La Vida Low Carb by Jimmy Moore!

Congratulations to Luci K. She has won an Autographed Copy Of Livin La Vida Low Carb by Jimmy Moore!
Low carb living saved my life, if not literally, at least in terms of having a meaningful life style. In 1999 I weighed 260 lbs., and although I was still working in a management position, I could barely walk a block, and thought we would have to sell our three-story house or at least invest in stair climbing lifts.

Sometime that summer, sorting out some "clutter" I came across a little 25 cent paperback "purse book" a carbohydrate gram counter, with a 6-page introduction to "The Diet For People Who Hate To Diet" I'd bought it in 1965 and had used it successfully to lose 15 lbs. to get back to my pre-marriage weight of 125. Instead of tossing it, I kept it. A month or so later, I saw mention of Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution and something clicked. I started the Atkins program in Sept. of 1999 and by October of 2000, I'd lost 130 lbs (half my pre-diet weight). In the years since, I've stayed within 5 lbs, plus or minus, of that weight.

The program was perfect for me - meat at every meal, eggs, cheeses, plenty of salads, and after induction lots of low carb green vegetables and strawberries. The popularity of the Atkins program soon spawned the development of special low-carb products, which added some variety, and brought me to Low Carb Connoisseur. Other website merchants and come and gone, as have some of my favorite products, but I usually count of LC Connoisseur to have whatever is currently available, plus some items I wouldn't otherwise know about.

During my first year or so, I regularly participated in a low carb (mainly Atkins) message board on iVillage and occasionally others where we encouraged one another and shared new recipes and helpful hints. Most of these boards have ceased or become inactive, so I am delighted that you have added a message board here. I hope that I may be able to encourage others to stay with a low carb lifestyle.

My current lipid panel results: Total Cholesterol 151 mg/dL; HDL 78 mg/dL and LDL C 65 mg/dL. I can run up and down stairs easily and participate in aerobic aquatics three times a week.

Luci K.