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Yes! To Cookies Strawberry-Banana Blitz Cookies

 Yes! To Cookies  Strawberry-Banana Blitz Cookies
Yes! To Cookies Strawberry-Banana Blitz Cookies
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 Yes! To Cookies  Strawberry-Banana Blitz Cookies

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Bite into a Yes! To Cookies ready to eat Strawberry-Banana Blitz cookie and taste a whirlwind of flavors. Delight in sweet strawberries and cream mixed with luscious ripe bananas. Warm, soft and fresh from the oven, Strawberry-Banana Blitz fills your mouth with loads of yummy fun!

A low carb diet is great for your health and weight but sometimes you still get a craving for a cookie. If you're watching your carbs, you know that cookies aren't on the menu...until now!

Now, Yes! To Cookies Strawberry-Banana Blitz cookies can be a yummy and satisfying part of your meal plan. All-natural and delicious Yes! To Cookies will satisfy your hunger without short-circuiting your nutrition. We replaced starch and sugar with cholesterol-lowering fiber that's calorie free and 100% natural, zero calorie sweeteners. Now you can enjoy fantastic healthy cookies that have zero digestible carbohydrates.

Each luscious cookie made with Yes! To Cookies mix has so little digestible carbohydrates that we can actually say it has ZERO STARCH*! and ZERO SUGAR*! The 22 carbohydrates in a serving of Yes! To Cookies mix is NOT DIGESTED since these carbs come from FIBER and all natural, no calorie sweeteners instead of starch and sugar.

At Yes! To Cookies we truly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a vital and dynamic life.

Strawberry-Banana Blitz flavor: Erythritol, Cereal Fiber Psyllium*, Butter, Egg, Whey Protein Isolate, Psyllium Husk, Organic Gum Acacia, Natural Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla flavors, CelluloseGum, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rebaudioside A (as a sweetner) and Salt.