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Zilch Sugar Free Margarite Mixer Zero Carbs, Zero Calories Authentic Margarita Taste Convenient Take-along Packets 10 Individual Servings Per Box Just Add Tequila and Water Ideal for any Low Carb, Low Calorie, or Diabetic Diet

Zilch Sugar Free  Mixer
Zilch Sugar Free Mixer
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Zilch Sugar Free  Mixer
We’ve all been there – you go to a party with your friends or family with the full intention of staying on your diet. You hope to have a great time, but you soon see everyone getting into the swing of things with their cocktail of choice in hand...

…As the night wears on, your temptations build, and build, and build. Finally, unable to take it any more,you indulge your temptations, pour yourself a sugar laden cocktail, and join the party. The next morning, when you plop down on the scale, the real remorse sets in.

Nobody likes to feel left out. And, with Zilch you don’t have to ever miss out on the fun again. Zilch is the only sugar free mixer that comes in individual serving size packets designed to make a quick margarita at home, in a restaurant, or anywhere you go…

…Each box of Zilch contains 10 packets, each the perfect size to make a margarita that will fill a standard 8 ounce margarita glass. The packets are so small that you won’t even notice them in your pocket or purse. When you are ready for the perfect margarita, the only other ingredients you’ll need are Tequila and water. Then, just follow Zilch’s easy directions.

A regular 8 ounce margarita contains a whopping 540 calories and up to 50 carbohydrates. If you drink three of them, you probably have already consumed your entire recommended daily caloric intake before you even get to a meal. Lucky for you, now there is a delicious alternative. Zilch Sugar Free Margarita Mixers contain zero carbohydrates and zero calories. Yet, Zilch’s taste is as authentic as the real thing.

Whether you follow a low carb lifestyle, a diet program like Weight Watchers®, have diabetes, or are just watching your weight, you’ll be thrilled you discovered Zilch.

And, Zilch’s unique packaging will be just as thrilling for you as its great taste. Zilch is the FIRST and ONLY sugar free margarita mix on the market packaged in individual serving size packets. Do you miss drinking margaritas at your favorite restaurant or bar? Now, it’s convenient for you to take your sugar free margarita mix along for the ride. Just order “tequila and water on the rocks.”